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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What's your outlook on life? (from Mind Tools)

Learn About –and Change– How You Think

"A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes."– Mahatma Gandhi.

When it comes down to it, positive, optimistic people are happier and healthier, and enjoy more success than those who think negatively. The key difference between them is how they think about and interpret the events in their lives.

So, how do you think about your successes and failures? Do you have a predictable thinking pattern?

QUIZ Instructions: For each statement, click the button in the column that best describes you. Please answer questions as you actually are (rather than how you think you should be), and don't worry if some questions seem to score in the 'wrong direction'.

When you are finished, please click the 'Calculate My Total' button at the bottom of the test. (DO THE QUIZ HERE)

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