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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Top Tips to Avoid Emotional Exhaustion at Work, by Eleanor Bruce (From MIND TOOLS BLOG)

A friend of mine recently told me that she was thinking of quitting her job.

I was astounded; she’s one of those people who actually does (or did) bound out of bed and looks forward to her days at work. She’s always loved her job, and she fought tooth and nail to get it.

Yet there she was, on the brink of quitting. What was going on?

Credit. GETTY IMAGES / From: Mind Tools Blog
I dug a little deeper, and she told me that she was just exhausted and didn’t care anymore. She’d stopped putting much effort into her work; she’d started taking sick days, and she barely spoke to her colleagues at all. In short, she’d “checked out.”

In her words, “It all feels like too much, and I just can’t be bothered with it.”

Alarm bells started ringing, and it became clear that she was suffering from emotional exhaustion.

What Is Emotional Exhaustion, and What Causes It?

Emotional exhaustion can be tricky to spot, as it manifests differently for different people, but is typically characterized by a “don’t care” attitude, feeling low, and a lack of emotional strength. It’s similar to burnout, and it can also be a precursor to depression, so it’s not something to ignore when it happens.

It can be triggered by almost anything. But emotional exhaustion tends to occur as the result of long periods of stress. In my friend’s case, it wasn’t just her job that was the problem, but a combination of work and several personal issues that were sapping her energy.

Armed with the knowledge of what was wrong, she began work on setting things right and vowed not to let it happen again.

It got me wondering: how could she have prevented this from happening in the first place, and what strategies have other people used to avoid emotional exhaustion at work?

We opened up this question to our friends and followers on social media. As always, the responses were overwhelming, and loads of great advice was shared. (GO TO FULL ARTICLE for the top 3 tips)

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