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Thursday, August 16, 2018

RECOMMENDED YouTube CHANNEL: How to be BRITISH - Eat Sleep Dream English

🔺IMPORTANT: This is NOT an advert! This is just my honest (and free) opinion.

I've already recommended other interesting posts, tools and videos, and I'll keep on doing so in the future as long as I come across things worth recommending😄

Why do I recommend this channel? Simply because I like Tom's approach to teachinghe teaches fresh modern English, the kind that you don't usually get in textbooks, and he's fun! I think other lovers of English may also enjoy his videos and find them useful - that's all😉

Below are just a few - ENJOY!

How to be BRITISH | 5 Easy Steps (5:41 minutes)

12 Britishisms YOU NEED TO KNOW | British English Expressions
(6:44 minutes)

REPORTED SPEECH What Native English Speakers Really Say!
(6:55 minutes)

What British People REALLY MEAN with Joel & Lia (13:24 minutes)

My Guide to London | Camden Town (5:05 minutes)

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of English Tea (6:05 minutes)


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