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What's the difference between GOOD and WELL?

💡 Quick answer ⇒ GOOD = ADJECTIVE / WELL = ADVERB

GOOD is an ADJECTIVE ⇒ (bueno/a) i.e. it describes a noun or pronoun.
Ejemplo: That is (a good book) / That book is good.
                                       noun           noun

WELL is an ADVERB ⇒ (bien) i.e. it describes a verb.
Ejemplo: Mary speaks English well. / I did well in the exam.
                         verb                          verb

🔺 WARNING: WELL may also be an ADJECTIVE, BUT only when it means

1) In good health; free or recovered from illness.
→ ‘I don't feel very well
→ ‘it would be some time before Sarah was completely well
→ ‘It has also correctly labelled as disease free most, but not all, of the well people.’

1.1) In a satisfactory state or position.
→ ‘I do hope all is well with you and your family’

2) Sensible; advisable.
→ ‘it would be well to know just what this suggestion entails’
→ ‘Only--if we decide to buy, it would be well to be moved in and settled before winter.’ (From Oxford Dictionaries)

So, which one is correct?I'm good or I'm well?

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